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If a thief enters your vehicle and tries to start your vehicle, they won’t be able to start it without entering your car’s unique PIN code straight to the vehicle’s control.

It’s fully reversible. The good thing about Ghost Immobiliser is it can be installed or removed anytime, connected to the vehicle’s (Controller Area Network) CAN. A customised PIN that is generated uniquely for you. The PIN is unique, and it has a private sequence which only will be given to you. This has to be pressed on the bottom of your steering wheel or dashboard.

Unique PIN

The unique PIN code is created using the steering wheel and vehicle’s button control panels, the unique pin can be changed anytime you want. Protects against Key Cloning/Key theft/ Keyless entry making it is impossible to start the vehicle without the PIN being first entered.

Quick and User-friendly

This is by far the most Synoptic car security available, user-friendly. The PIN you choose is unique for you, so it’s simple for you to remember, if you forget your PIN, an engineer will give you a card which contains a recovery PIN, just scratch it and reset the PIN.

Silent Operation

Ghost immobilisers directly communicated with ECU on the data bus to immobilise the car. The device is weatherproof and compact so that you can combine it into the mechanism of the vehicle, which makes it impossible to detect.

Engine Start Blocking

Until the user enters the PIN, the Auto watch Immobiliser stops starting of your car. Even if they have the keys, they won’t be able to start the engine.

No Diagnostics

Thieves often use the Radio Frequency Scanners for detecting any fitted security inside it. The Ghost Immobiliser do not detect radio-frequency or transmit any signal. Do its undetectable.

By using diagnostic reading devices, organised car thief groups can detect circuit cuts. But the Ghost Immobiliser do not involve circuit cuts; therefore, practically it’s again undetectable.

Service Mode

You can keep your vehicle on service mode if you are giving it someone else to drive or sending the car for servicing.

Uses Controller Area Network Bus

Using it means the low likelihood of the immobiliser being found and also reversible/simple installation.

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