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CCTV, Alarms and Access Control

We offer complete home security solutions in and around Wirral and Liverpool. Home security helps to not only protect your property and valuables, but also your loved ones.

CCTV Home Security System Installation


Besides, complete installations and minor repairs as well as service plans, we provide solutions to CCTV related problems.

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Intruder Alarms Home Security System Installation

Intruder Alarms

We also deal with wireless and hardwired alarm systems in terms of supply, installation and maintenance.

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Access control Home Security System Installation

Access control

We have a wide variety of access control products, ranging from the keyless entry to entire building intelligent entry systems.

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Domestic CCTV Installation

Why is it important to have CCTV?

There are many reasons why CCTV systems are important these days to protect and decrease burglaries' chance of happening. 


CCTV surveillance is also used for monitoring multiple situations without using too many people for this job. Also, you are able to monitor and keep track of your staff as well as any guests that you might have. 


CCTV are great deterrent factors as they indicate the owners of the property is security-aware, and there are likely to be other security measures in place, meaning it isn't going to be easy nor quick to break into this property.


If a situation comes up where you need to review what happened on a specific day, using the CCTV recording would greatly help. You can take the feed from the camera and record it, then place them in a hard drive for storage in the future. 

Is It Worth Installing CCTV at Home?

CCTV is common in newer houses and is suitable for protection against burglars as this can have two significant effects on them. A CCTV may detour them from trying a break-in. Also, with the recording, you will have a better chance of finding their identity.

Main Benefits of CCTV

There are many benefits of having a CCTV surveillance system installed in your house.

Reduced Insurance: When looking at insurance price for houses, some of this is determined by the types of locks added and how secure it is. Having CCTV for the house classes it as more secure than normal and reduces the insurance cost by how much this reduces the likelihood of being robbed.

Increased Safety: A CCTV for your home can provide a sense of safety as you are able to place them in many parts of the inside and outside parts of your house. Also, if they are set up correctly, you are able to check them at most times of the day inside your home for security. 

Strong Deterrent: A lot of the time, intruders and robbers usually don't want to be caught and do their best to hide their identities. Adding cameras around the house is showing that it would be harder to hide, and mistakes can be caught on by the house owner. 

Home Security System Installation Wirral and Liverpool

If you require home security system installation in Wirral and Liverpool contact Wirral Ghost Security Systems today. Call 07546328463 today.

Intruder Alarm Installation

Is it worth getting a burglar alarm?

A burglar alarm is generally used to ward off people as they are less likely to rob a place that has an alarm. However, the alarm box on the outside of the house cannot stop the robbers by itself. This is why you are suggested to get stronger security measures as well to support the alarm. 

Are home alarms worth it?

Home alarms can be worth it as just showing the alarm box on the outside of your house proves you have security systems in place. However, this will not mean your home is secure. Adding a few other security measures is also worth it if burglaries are prolific in your local area.

How much does having an alarm save on insurance?

When trying to save some money on insurance, adding an alarm to your house could benefit this goal. 

There is no guarantee how much it would change as there are other factors such as location to consider first. 

If you require home security system installation in Wirral and Liverpool contact Wirral Ghost Security Systems today. Call 07546328463 today.

Access Control Installation

Having an installer add an Access Control System is never truly a bad idea if you are trying to increase your security around your home or office space. There are many types of control panels that use a biometric scanner, key codes, cards, etc. No doubt adding an access control panel will help your house security and fully give you peace of mind for years to come. However, choosing which will be used is important as they each have pros and cons. 

What is the main purpose of access control?

Access control can be anything that is used to restrict the passage between to areas. Using a simple key lock is an access control system, whether it is basic or not. One of the main purposes of the access control panel is to provide the owner or user quick and secure method of moving between two areas. An access card with the right codes is required for you to pass through the door.

How does access control system work?

A simple control system, such as card readers, is usually split up into four main parts. 

Card/Tag: The Card or Tag contains a chip within it that stores its identification number inside and is usually unique for the person using it at the time. 

Card/Tag Reader: The Card Reader is a device that picks up the identification number from the card/tag's chip to check for authorisation.

Controller: The Controller is the heart of the system and controls what happens. The controller stores the ID data for those with authorisation and compares this with the card reader's data. 

Lock: The lock for this could be any type of electro-mechanical device.

How does access control system work

These are the four main processes that could take place for an access control system. However, some parts of this may change depending on the technology that is used.

If you require home security system installation in Wirral and Liverpool contact Wirral Ghost Security Systems today. Call 07546328463 today.