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Commercial Vehicles Security

Wirral Ghost Security Systems can help you secure your vehicle, and you can rely on us to exceed your needs and expectations. We tailor every quote around your budget and requirements based on our extensive experience accumulated in over 12 years in business.

The standard locks installed on commercial vehicles by the manufacturer are often not good enough to withstand the methods used by thieves in the UK.

At Wirral Ghost Security Systems we are often asked what other security measures we can install to secure against specific weak points on a vehicle. This is especially important for cars carrying expensive goods or tools.

There are two types of locking mechanism that can help you secure your van. These are slam locks and deadlocks. If you require a more secure method, we also offer Armaplate as a way of securing your vehicle. Choosing between these systems can be confusing, but this article will give you an overview of the benefits of each system.


Deadlocks are a method of securely locking the doors of your vehicle independently of the existing manufacturers locking system. This allows the complete driver control over which doors remain permanently locked and which to lock and unlock when.

Depending on your needs, van deadlocks can be supplied to all work with the same key or with several different keys, depending on the brand of euro cylinder fitted.

Each of our van deadlocks is specific to the make and model of van, using different locking keeps and brackets to fit your vehicle securely.

We use Thatcham Accredited T Series and S Series locks, depending on your budget and security needs. We provide a professional full mobile installation, so you do not have to worry about your van being out of use for an extended period of time.


Slam locks

Slam locks ensure that the door of your vehicle automatically locks when it closes. This is particularly useful for multí-drop drivers and couriers.

For those regularly exiting the vehicle, locking it manually every time can be time-consuming, especially when while holding a delivery. In an unlocked car, goods can get stolen in the time it takes to make the delivery, so a secure and handsfree method of locking your vehicle’s doors is crucial. With a slam lock, the door is unlocked with a key but locks when the driver pushes it closed behind them. They can also be bypassed from the inside, to avoid the risk of getting locked inside.

This makes them a convenient solution for those who are always on the move. Our slam locks work together with your vehicle manufacturers locking system, they providing maximum security as well as a straightforward installation.


Armaplate provides high-level security by completely enveloping the lock-barrel and the immediate area around it. The arm plate is securely bolted to the door.

This means there are no moving parts and no keys that can be lost or stolen. They are secure 24/7 and require no action from the driver, which eliminates the risk of human error.

Armaplate Sentinel sits at the very top of our range of products for door lock protection and offers the ultimate permanent security and peace of mind at an affordable price.

Armaplate Security
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