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How secure is your vehicle?

There are several vans with fitted locks that are not very secure and can be opened by thieves using lock pick purchased online. 

Most insurance companies are recommending the use of more reliable locks to replace the factory fitted locks. Our car security systems have been subjected to extensive testing and will ensure that thieves cannot break into your van easily.

What Is a Vehicle Security System?

It protects your car from theft and other things while alerting you to any vehicle issues using a car alarm. Many vehicles have car security sensors placed around the car in various places different from parking sensors. When they are disturbed, the alarm systems go off while creating a loud siren and blinking lights to draw attention. This is not just to inform you that there is something wrong. It also detours the thieves from the vehicle. 

How Do Deadlocks Work?  

A deadlock is commonly used on vans as a way of ensuring car security. When the deadlock mechanism is active, it sends a metal rod into the opposing body, increasing its strength and protection if someone might force the door open and stops it from being opened if the window is smashed. Only a key is used to release the deadlock on the vehicle doors. Many deadlocks are made to the national standard, so they must go through many tests before being approved and deployed. 

Your first choice for home and vehicle security:

We have a wide range of quality products available to purchase, and we offer professional installations of the following:

  • The Ghost Immobiliser
  • Deadlocks and Slam Locks
  • CCTV, Alarms, Access Control
  • Locksmith Services
Vehicle Security Systems Wirral and Liverpool

Vehicle Security

You can ensure your vehicle's safety by selecting the leading vehicle security fitting company throughout your entire area. We have a team of specialists with years of experience to install the security systems you require. Irrespective of whether you are looking to secure your pride or have a fleet of costly vehicles at your business, we have astonishing products to cater to everyone.

Why You Need To Upgrade Van Locks 

Upgrading your van locks can have multiple benefits. A new van lock can help with the car's strength as this provides an extra barrier that must be dealt with. Also, a van with new locks, which are visible, means that others will think twice before trying as it means it could be more difficult. However, you can use other benefits; they depend on the locks you get as they change.  

Preventing Vehicle Theft

You can take many options to try and prevent your vehicle from being taken. Some of the best are below:


Whenever you leave your car, never leave your keys inside; always turn off the engine and take the keys with you at all times. 


Whenever leaving your vehicle, ensure that any valuables or objects that might be appealing to someone are kept out of sight and hidden to ensure you do not draw too much attention. 


Adding an anti-theft system to your vehicle has a chance to detour thieves from trying to take it and allows you to retrieve it if needed. 


Avoiding leaving your car in an area you know has a high crime rate is significant to protect your vehicle from thefts. 

The Ghost Immobiliser

The ghost ensures your car is fully protected from key-cloning, hacking and theft or loss of car keys. A thief can’t steal a Ghost-protected vehicle unless they tow it away physically, although they will not be in a position to drive it. The ghost lacks the key-fobs or LED indicators to show up its location.

The ghost utilises the buttons present in your vehicles, such as the steering wheel, centre consoles, and door panels. With this, it makes it possible for you to set a unique, modifiable PIN sequence code that will be used whenever you’re driving your car.

Deadlocks and Slam Locks


We offer deadlocks in various types, such as the S series and the Thatcham Accredited T Series, to perfectly suit both the usage and the budget. Our professional installation services are mobile to ensure your van lasts for an extended period despite being used on the road.

Slam Locks

Our slam locks are compatible with the car manufacturers locking systems. This offers maximum security and ensures the installation process is simple. They integrate actual Security Slam operation with proper restraint and a fantastic look.


Armaplate works by fully covering up the lock-barrel and the nearby areas and is attached firmly to the door. There are no chances of the moving parts being broken or the keys being lost, security is 24-hours in a day, and driver activation is not necessary.

If you require vehicle security systems in Wirral and Liverpool contact Wirral Ghost Security Systems today. Call 07546328463 today.

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